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My Husband urinates on the bed and keep blaming our Son – Nigerian woman


Nigerian woman discloses to Joro the Relationship blogger on how her Husband Urinates on the Bed and keep blaming their son.

I have been Married for 7 years Now and my Husband has Never wet the Bed before.

It all started in December., on this very Night only me and my Husband slept on the bed, int he morning we saw the urine and i was shocked, He said our son did but our son was not even in the room with us.

My Husband now stasted this scope of bringing my son on the bed so that he can blame him.

He will even shout at our son and almost beat him.

So for this, every night i set a trap for my husband, i told our son to come and sleep on the bed but around 1am i took our son to his room to sleep. Around 3am, my Husband started to urinate on the bed, i woke him up and he slapped me and started beating me up, I ran into my son’s room and lock the door.

Around 5am my husband drove out, Later he started begging and appologizing that he is sorry and he is ashamed that he used to bed wet in secondary school and he feels ashamed.

My issue now is this; My husband has refused to use mackintosh and this has made him so aggressive in the house. If my Husband asks me to do something at home and i waste time he will become so aggressive and almost beat me up.

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Is my Family under spiritual attack?

My husband doesn’t want to see medical or any type of help because he is shy, i am trying and coping.

It is by God’s Grace my has husband has not beaten me up. Every small thing he gets agry, it’s like his ego is broken.

Joro, I dare i dare not get his family involved, he will be more angry.

What will i do?.

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