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Nigeria is not working for Yoruba people, we must Retrace our steps – Yourba Leader


Prof. Banji Akintoye, Yoruba Leader, during a surprise party organised to mark his 85th birthday by the Yoruba World Congress in Lagos, has said Nigeria is not working for yoruba people and called for a retracing of steps.

In a statement by the Secretary of the Congress, Prof. Anthony Kila, made available to our correspondent, Akintoye decried a situation whereby a 25-year-old Nigerian had a brighter and better prospect 65 years ago than someone of that age now.

“We should rethink this Nigeria. The way it now does not seem to be for a good purpose,  we need to change things. We must have sober reflection devoid of partisan affliction and retrace our steps to where we were before now. Do we need to ask ourselves who is this country working for? We need to review how we wish to live together as a people in order to come up with a clear, fair and effective country.

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“The country is not working for the Yoruba people. It is not reflecting the Omoluabi principle that makes up an important part of the Yoruba essence. It is said that our youths now face a rather bleak future. That is unacceptable and we must rediscover our Omoluabi principle.

“Look at the state of insecurity in Nigeria. Consider the prospect of our youths, health care. People are living in abject poverty. I want us to have a sober reflection on the situation in Nigeria. People are sad and unsafe. The future is also not looking bright for a lot of young people.

“When I think of what we had in mind for this country, our lofty ideals and the great step we took at least in the old Western Region under the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, SAN, and compare with what we have now, I am not happy,” he said.

Akintoye added that though he had a lot of reasons to thank God for at 85, he said things were not going the way he wished.

He thanked members of the Yoruba World Congress for the honour done him, saying that he started the tradition of marking his birthday every 10 years and that the Yoruba Community in the United States were always organising such.

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