Home News Nigerian couple weds in their House over Coronavirus (photos)

Nigerian couple weds in their House over Coronavirus (photos)


Nigerian Couple Identified as John Lawrence Ogwuche and Faith Nathaniel Odang, has wedded in their House over Coronavirus Lock Down.

Ogwuche said the decision to go ahead with the wedding was taken by the couple.


“It takes people that knows what they want to go ahead with with such an occasion. Wedding is not about how much you raise or the number of people you pull. Wedding is an individual thing, how you want it. What happened yesterday was an agreement between the two of us,”

“Yes, coronavirus is on its own and wedding is on its own. So, we decided to go ahead with our wedding not minding the coronavirus in the country. In the part of the country we had our wedding, we have not confirmed any case.

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“It was because of precaution that the state was locked down and this is an occassion we have been planning for, a date has been fixed. So, I see no point postponing it because people are not going to attend among other issues. We don’t care, we had our wedding and our reception.”

“My wedding should pass a message to those who had fixed their wedding,” he said.

Photo credit: Lifestyle Cable.

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  1. This woman is looking totally unhappy. The lockdown against coronavirus has denied her the opportunity to “OPPRESS” her unmarried friends…


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