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Nigerian Father Caught sexually Molesting his son (video)




A Nigerian Father (Name withheld) has been caught, sexually molesting his son, in a city in Nigeria. (state, Names are unknown)

The Son Narrates How his Father raped him right inside their House, this video was posted by Lord-mayor Ndubisi in a popular Anambra Forum on Facebook “Ndi Anambra Unity Forum“, odinceblog Reports.

Some of the Neighbours where seen in the video interrogating them to know what happened.

The father denied Raping his son, the Interviewer asked the Little boy to explain why he ran out of the room naked, because they saw it and it was’t ordinary.

The boy said; “After i packed some cloths outside to wash, He asked me to come inside his room and i did.

“I was thinking he wanted to give me some other cloths to wash not knowing he want us to do Bad thing.

“He ordered me to pull off my cloths which i refused, he pulled off his own cloths , wore only boxers and then told me to lock the door and i told him that “what he is about is not good”.

“As i wanted to step out, he rushed and locked the door, grabbed me and started rapping me.

During his statement, the interviewer asked the boy to explain how he was raped.

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The boy continued; “He inserted his penis in my anus and started touching my penis.

The interviewer asked the father, “since you are denying, where did your son learn what he is saying, who taught him?

The Father said; “I am the one but, i did’t put my penis in his Anus, i only put it across his legs.

The Interviewer asked the son if what his father said is true.

The boy continued: “It is a lie, he inserted his penis in my anus, touching my penis and sucking my breast.



However, Here the video ends, We don’t know if any further action has been taken against this immorality. we will continue you keep you updated.

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