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Nigerian Man Lands in Hospital after his Engagement Ring got stuck in his Finger (photos)




Nigerian man Identified as Charles Isidi has narrated how how he Landed in a hospital after the engagement ring he bought to propose to his girlfriend got stuck in his finger.


So this is the story of that Facepalm moment when I saved up money to buy an engagement ring for my girlfriend, got home, kept staring at it, tested it on my little finger and oooooops, it didn’t come off. Six hours later, here I am at the hospital trying to get it off.

So this day, was my sisters birthday, took both of them to the mall, then ran off because they wanted to see a late movie. On my way out, I call @David_Rotimi “where did you get a ring again?” He told me and I hunted the store down. I kept looking and looking… boring things…

Eventually picked one, the people at the store were too happy, it definitely had to be part of the marketing. I got home after parting with good money, opened the box and kept staring, such a beautiful thing, so I made the biggest mistake, put it on my left little finger.

This was the beginning of the end because at birth, I used to have a sixth finger on my left hand till it was cut, making the finger bigger than the right. So after admiring, it was time to take it off, it didn’t come off, so I panicked, I was the only one at home…

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I dipped the finger in oil, tried and tried, it wasn’t coming off, dipped it in handwash so it gets slippery, nothing. my housemates got back from wherever they went, LOL and I had to put my left hand in my boxer short, something about it was suspicious.

I googled the thread thing, didnt work, then I confided in my housemate, he tried to get it off for me, nothing was working, the finger was swelling. Called my housemate to get a little plier, he was way out of town, it was 10pm, shops had closed… I kept laughing at myself.

@David_Rotimi got back home, he ran to the room to say “Charles guess what, they just robbed me of my phone” I was like… “You no know the one wey dey do me Now,” so I showed him my finger” Somehow we both agreed we were miserable that night, he sha went to bed seeing as…

We couldn’t determine whose experience was worse and who needed support. LOL.

Finally it is 12 midnight, my housemate says, Charles this can’t wait till.morning, lets find a hospital, so we drive all the way to one hospital, it was an unskilled person on duty, she brought dettol.

And soapy water and asked me to dip my hands in it, I was furious like “I’ve been doing this for 4 hours ma’am” she said, then there is nothing I could do. I think it was fun driving off and reminiscing on how silly she was with my housemate. So we get to Cedar Crest at 1am…

They first laughed, the female doctors were like “awwwww, so now you have to buy another one, sorry ehn” Eventually, I sat through a huge cutter cutting through the ring and it dropped to the floor, my salary on the floor like that… in these buhari times, haba

Well this wasn’t it, called my health insurance partners, they answered, sleep was sha doing the girl, but there was no way I was going to pay 15k for the procedure after spending all this… After like 4 calls, its 2am and I realize, these guys won’t pay, for this thing…

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