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Nigerian Navy Seizes 825 bags of Rice


The Nigeria Naval force on Sunday said it blocked 825 sacks of pirated rice originating from Oyo State to Kwara State.

Marching the speculated bootleggers and their product in Offa, Offa nearby administration of Kwara State, Commandant Nigeria Naval force School of Wellbeing Sciences, Capt Ayodele Olowolagba, said the capture was made around 5am yesterday.

He stated: “toward the beginning of today around 5am, while directing checks at the old checkpoint, inverse Nigerian Naval force School of Wellbeing Sciences, Offa door, 15 vehicles both Peugeot and Golf autos were captured.

“Every one of them conveys 55 sacks of outside rice, totalling 825 packs of rice. The products in the vehicle would be given over to the police.

“Nigerian Naval force is an amicable power. We are focused on ensuring that every one of the exercises of the administration are completed calmly. As I said before, we would hand over all the 15 vehicles with all the 825 sacks of outside rice to the police.”

The commandant said his men have been leading security test on assigned checkpoints arranged along Ira Street, Oyun Nearby Government Region, situated before the school to expand security in Offa and his neighboring towns.

“Over the span of conveying this activity day by day, Nigerian Naval force work force have been drawing in people with illegal acts to the degree that they frequently take steps to manage security faculty on authority obligation.

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