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Nigerian Police has Rendered Many Families Poor and Homeless in Abia state – COSEYL Cries Out




The COALITION OF SOUTH EAST YOUTH LEADERS (COSEYL) Condemns the destroying and burning of peoples houses by the Nigerian Police in Abia state, says its an act of Wickedness, though they did not support the killing of the police man but Good policing is all about gathering of credible intelligence, odinceblog Reports.

Recall that Nigeria Police in retaliation of their dead came back in full squad looting, setting people’s House ablaze for nothing, information gathered has it that more than 10 Houses has been set ablaze.

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According to the Information COSEYL made available to odinceblog via Email through its President, Chief Goodluck Egwu Ibem, signed by the General Secretary, Comrade Kanice Igwe, For Ndiegoro division to loot and raze innocent people houses and shops is lawlessness, impunity and anarchy taken too far.


“We condemn in strongest terms the destruction and burning of peoples houses with people inside those houses in Ngwa road , Degeme street and its environs in Aba by police men of Ndiegoro division ( a.k.a. cameroun barracks) protesting the killing of their colleague who was killed by some hoodlums. The beating , wounding and arresting of innocent persons and collecting #100,000 from them as bail-out fee should stop immediately. 

“Though we condemn in its entirety the killing of the police man and the driver who was killed by these hoodlums. But the looting of innocent peoples houses, shops , carting away their bags , Television and other valuables is callous and wicked. 

“Good policing is all about gathering of credible intelligence. You can’t police without gathering reliable intelligence. The police force should dispatch it’s best intelligence team to crack down they hoodlums that committed this hideous crime. 

“Presently there is serious tension and panic in Aba and environs because of indiscriminate arrest of innocent persons who are law abiding citizens by the police force of Ndiegoro police station. 

“This Ndiegoro police station is know for committing different forms of illegal arrest and intimidation of people in the name of policing . They are known for torture and beating of innocent law abiding citizens. It was in the same station that a woman died in the office of the DPO some years back. 

“Now that there is a situation like this at hand, there will clamp-down on whoever that they see on the road . 

“The Inspector General of police , Adamu Muhammed should immediately look into the matter before things get out of hand. 

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“In the houses and homes that were burned to ashes by the police men of Ndiegoro division, we have peoples legitimate businesses, their valuables , their academic credentials and their lifes savings destroyed. They have been rendered homeless , their means of livelihood destroyed and the landlords who have those houses as their only means of survival are left with nothing to survive with. 

“The troubling aspect of the situation is that , most of the landlords are aged persons above 70 years of age and the is no other means of survival for them. If nothing is done urgently to repair and rebuild their houses , they may commit suicide and die. 

“The numbers of suicide committed already in the country within the year is high and we don’t need the number to increase that is why we are calling for help.

“Two wrongs the say cannot make a right. For the police men of Ndiegoro division to loot and raze innocent people houses and shops is lawlessness, impunity and anarchy taken too far.

“We call for the immediate sack and prosecution of the Abia commissioner of police , Mr Ene Okon for his unprofessional statement and for supporting the extra-judiciary activity of his men in Ndiegoro , Aba. As the head of the police force in Abia state , he must take responsibility of his men’s actions. 

“There is no where in the world were the police that is paid with tax payers money to protect life and property will be the same people to destroy the same thing they are paid to protect. The act of arson is a serious offence and we codemn it.

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“Everybody is equal before the law , everyone that is found culpable should face the full weight of the law. 
We call on president Muhammadu Buhari who is the chief security officer of the nation to immediately look into the matter before things get worst. Matters of security is a serious issue and should not be treated with kid gloove. 

“We therefore call on the federal government , the state government , senator Enyinnaya Abaribe , Hon. Rep. Ossy Prestige, well meaning Nigerians and renowned philanthropist Chief Arthur Eze , the great man of Ndigbo to come to the aid of these persons who have been rendered homeless and their only means of livelihood destroyed by callous Ndiegoro police men popularly known as cameroun barracks Aba. 

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