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Nnamdi Kanu reveals why Chadian soldiers are fighting Boko Haram more than Nigerian soldiers


Mai Nnamdi Kanu the Leader of Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) has Revealed why Chadian Soldiers are fighting Boko Haram more than Nigerian Soldiers.


Chad Strongman Says Nigeria Is Absent in Fight Against Boko Haram – New York Times.


“How can Nigerian Army be present when they are busy looking for girls to rape in Warri.

“How can Buratai’s Nigerian Army be present when they are busy invading homes of innocent civilians and looking for unarmed citizens to kill cheered on by the most moronic collection of 200 million people on earth.

“How can Fulani run Nigerian Army be present when they have turned soldiers into policemen manning multiple checkpoints in relatively peaceful south collecting bribe with POS at road blocks when they ought to be in the north fighting the terror groups the Fulani themselves created.

“How can they be present when their army is made up of the same terrorists they are expected to fight. An oxymoron if there was one.

“How can they be present when Buhari is dead replaced by a bumbling buffoon in the person of the mask wearing hole in the neck Jubril Al-Sudani. No legitimate Commander in Chief.

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“How can they be present when their media houses in Lagos and Abuja are run by perennial cowards who should have no business with journalism.

“How can the Nigeria Army be present when the country has no president, no vice president, no Chief of Staff to the president, no Chief of Army Staff.

“How can they be present when their country is administered exclusively through edited pictures and videos issued by Oluwale trained master forgers and con artists.

“How can they be present when power hungry Fulani cabals and misguided Yoruba media campaigned and rigged into power the person that formed and defended Boko Haram for years.

“How can they be present when Nigeria has unarguably the largest collection of gossipy cowards who cannot rise up with one voice in a revolution to free themselves from the shackles of black slavery upon blacks. A people in love with their chains and would rather gossip with their 5G than face their common enemy. A collection of the most moronic and idiotic 200 million people in the history of humanity.

“Nigeria has never won any war on its own without outside help. Without Britain, Russia and Egypt they could not have prevailed over Biafra. How therefore can any sensible person expect them to defeat Boko Haram?

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“No 5G In Biafraland. MTN Should Take Note Because If You Install It In Biafraland, You Will Blame Yourself. Install 5G In Biafraland And See What Will Happen To It. People Are Dying For Lack Of Good Health Facilities, But Nigerian Leaders Are Busy Calling For 5G Installation, Madness!”.

“Innoson Donated N1 Billion To Federal Government While Your People Are Dying Of Hunger. Then Turned Around Begging Federal Government N3 Billion To Produce Ventilators. You See Your Life! Anu Mpam”

“What Does Almajiri Needs 5G For? Is It The Economy Of Tomatoes And Onions That Almajiri Need 5G For? “No Infrastructures In Nigeria And They Are Busy Installing 5G, What Has 2G, 3G And 4G Contributed To Our living So Far? We Dont Need 5G. Go Fit Our Roads, Schools, Water, Clean Ogoni, Niger Bridge, Etc. Sweden Said No To 5G For Now And I Stand With Them. NO 5G For Now.

“Our Brothers From Warri, I Hope You Saw The Janjaweeds, ALMAJIRIS Reigning Carnage In Our Land? Did They Ask You If You Are SOUTH SOUTH?”

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (IPOB Leader)

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Hope udeh
Hope udeh
1 month ago

Nice one

1 month ago

Is only the one devil has bind and captured that would say he is going to fighting for Allah,who are you to figth for Allah if it mean God in Arabic language,my prayer is that God will empower the Chad men and endowment to finish the remaining so called boko haram in Jesus mighty name.