Home News Old women confesses of Killing their Family Members, Villagers (Video)

Old women confesses of Killing their Family Members, Villagers (Video)


A group of Old women in a village (unknown) in Nigeria has been found guilty by the villager for killing a lot of people in the village including their own family members as they summon they to confess.

According to the video monitored by odinceblog, the women are said to belong a witchcraft group.

The Location is full of Villagers who are demanding for Justice for their killed Family members.

The Village head is heard in the video, interrogating them on after another, He urged them to speak the truth so that he can settle the issue amicably or he will hand them over to higher authorities.

During his address, the women stated that they are ready to say the truth that they don’t want to be handed over to higher authorities.

One of the Old women said That she has killed only 5 persons, Francis – her immediate Elder brother, Her Father, olamisi, obama and Bob Joe. these are the Five Person she has killed.

After that, He proceed to th Next woman, and she confesses, stating that she killed her child, she killed 2 unborn children of her son; probably her son’s wife pregnancy. etc.

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