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Our Father Is A Thief – Ahmed Buhari


By Buhari Ahmed

A brother fights and maims his brother to death, because of poverty. A hopeless mother consciously chokes her child’s throat because of servitude and less power to feed the child. A sister sells her body to men as a commercial vehicle that has no gear or brake, because of negligence. A father abandons his children and runs away to an unknown destination, because he has admittedly failed and must now shirk his responsibilities. 

Thousands are dying as I write because of pains with little or no money to pay the bills of their medical treatment both in government and private hospitals. 

Frustration is domiciled in the life of unemployed youth, and they have resorted to depression as the only way out to solve their growing predicaments. 

A drop-out youth with no hope to continue his education indulges in different kinds of social vices: kidnapping and banditry turn out to be lucrative businesses in a country where those who call themselves leaders cannot account for $5bn Abacha loot before a number of helpless youths whose fathers abandoned home long ago. 

Leadership is built on the solid surface structures of political consciousness, by making people as a product of a society to become the owners of the power vested in them. 

Recently, the Attorney-General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, claimed he had no record of how $5 billion Abacha loot was spent. This was his lamentable response to a letter served on him by Social Economic Rights and Accountability Project pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act, 2011.

It is on record that in May 2015, President Muhammadu Buhari recovered $322m from Switzerland as “Abacha’s loot”. Also in January 2018 the funds were claimed to have been used for Social Investment Project. 

However, in 2019, Nigerians massively called on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to probe the alleged looting funds used for Buhari’s re-election campaigns under the guise of TraderMoni Scheme widely coordinated and supervised by the Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo. 

Some concerned Nigerians wrote petitions to EFCC, charging the anti-graft agency to investigate the alleged repatriated $322 million Abacha stolen funds.  These petitions died prematurely. 

Obviously, our father only used Abacha funds to appease the eyes of hungry and poor Nigerians by using TraderMoni as a political gimmick.

“Our father” was afraid or forgot because of his old age, to tell Nigerians about the person who owned the billions found in an Ikoyi apartment. It is clear that our father’s profligacy encourages spending without accountability. 

Our father refrained from talking about the whistle-blower since someone close to him was caught in the act.

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The advancement in technology and cloud computing has helped many companies to collate their data without stress or fear of losing them. What then stops our father’s government from having a data centre for data collation? 

Microfinance banks can serve as data collation cent where market women and men can take loans to do their businesses by using the approved mode of identification by the government; voters card and international ID card can be used, and Bank Verification Number (BVN) made mandatory for everyone as criteria for eligibility.

Our father might not be aware of the latest technology in town, maybe because of his old age and incapacitation to govern the country with new and fresh ideas. 

TraderMoni was distributed without a trace of any record for audit on how the money was spent 

Our father should know that there is nothing with a beginning that has no end. Our father should not enjoy the privilege of loyalty and defecate upon himself.

We the children of our father, we are appealing to him to show us the record on how Abacha loot was spent under his watch.

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