PDP Raped NDDC and Left it for APC – Female Lawyer replies Lauretta Onochie’s tweet

Lauretta Onochie, aide to president Buhari on social media posted a tweet.

Read Tweet:

“A former Managing Director of the Pipelines and Product Marketing Company (PPMC), Haruna Momoh and his wife Eileen, have said a court was misled into temporarily forfeiting their ₦2,417,037,404 billion. Me: Please tell us how!Some people have no shame.”

Nigerian American female Lawyer and a member of APC, replies Laureta Onochie’s tweet.


“We need people to be punished. That’s what’s missing. This country should be raining consequences for theft. We are being strangulated by thieves. Look at NDDC. PDP raped and left. APC came and continued? Why?”

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