PHOTOS: Army shoots IPOB members, 4 dead, others Injured – Ebonyi state

The Nigerian army has allegedly shot about 4 IPOB members in Ebonyi state, Others Injured, reports.

According to the Reporter, The incident took place during IPOB state meeting in Ebonyi state.

New Update: UPDATE: Police Arrests IPOB Women – Ebonyi state (Video)

TONY ASOMBA, – Facebook user wrote:

“Information reaching us from Ebony state that Nigerian Army joint police force came to our innogerasion ground with over 20 Hi lox bus, our question is what is their business with IPOB Ebony State meeting.

“Their reason is to kill us ,they succeeded killing four of our men and injured many, can the governor of Ebony state denied this.”

READ: UPDATE: Police Arrests IPOB Women – Ebonyi state (Video)


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  • Governor umahi suppose to know that one day he will leave that seat, he will become ordinary man and people will start paying him back for his evil.moreover his name is already in the list of Igbo betrayers

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