PHOTOS: Fulani Herdsmen and Their Families Parks Out of Ebonyi state Community

The pandemonium created by the massive relocation of Fulani herdsmen led by one Alhaji Ado into Ozibo Community of Ebonyi Local Government Area, have been totally resolved.

The Hon. Commissioner for internal security and border peace, Hon. Stanley Okoro,swiftly galvanized other security agencies in collaboration with Ebonyi Local Council Boss, Hon. Chinyere Nwogbaga, to quel the uproar.

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They have been successful evacuated out of the community based on the standing agreement between government and the herders in the state.

Normalcy have since returned to the community as the Commissioner and Council Boss made sure that the Fulani herders and their families parked out of the community with all their belongings to the designated area created for them by government

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  • Nothing has been resolved they only moved to another location. They are invaders coming to take over the land. They should not be allowed to stay anywhere in the South because of the terrorism they bring with them and the stealing of land and resources. They are terrorists and anybody supporting them are demons.

  • Why should separate place created for them if they won’t respect and accept the way of life of their host community let them relocate to their native home because the next thing you hear is they create emirrate there or is that a way ebony state has created ruga?

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