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PHOTOS: Igbo man wins Mayorship Election in America, becomes the Mayor of Woodlynne


Joseph Chukwueke has won the race for mayorship in the US. He was elected as the mayor of the city of Woodlynne in New Jersey, United States on Tuesday, November 5.

Woodlynne is a borough in Camden County, the place Chukwueke defeated his main opponent, Clyde Cook.

A Statement was Released to Woodlynne.net Narrating his victory, It Reads Below:

Back in January, campaign propaganda started to circulate, containing misleading and untrue information, and prompted me to speak up at the next Council meeting. Today, more propaganda has circulated that needs to be addressed.

Earlier today, Mayor Fuentes deposited a flier on my porch. Looking it over, I saw a lot of the same kinds of things that have been going around, and while some of it is innocuous enough, there are some blatent untruths.

First of all, Council has *SIX* (6) members, not five. By claiming on this document that they are endorsed by “all 5 Council Members…”, the Column 1 Democrats are misleading the people of Woodlynne into thinking that these candidates (two of which *are* Council members already) are supported by the entirety of the local government, which is clearly not the case. I very much doubt that Councilman Cook is voting for anyone other than himself for Mayor. Further, unless we’re suddenly accepting people endorsing themselves, which is stupid, they are being backed by *HALF* of Council.

The second page of the document is where all of the nastiness shows up, and more untruths. There’s a lot on this page, so I’m going to break it down as best as I can.

First line: “What has Cook done since being on council? NOTHING”

Bullshit, plain and simple. Cook *has* spent months working on getting the Log Cabin/Community Center up and running, and while it may not be opened yet, he *did* put the time and energy into it. He has also put together events and activities for the residents. Admittedly, some of these events were self-serving, and none of them were put together in his official capacity as Councilman, but he *has* done some work in Woodlynne.

“Call Cook and ask him to do his job. He is responsible for Borough Building. We had to tell Cook the front steps needed painting. Did he not see the need himself? Four months he was asked about the gutters that are missing and again he has done, NOTHING! The side of the Municipal Building needs to be power washed again, NOTHING! Is he having a hard time doing the simple things that matter most, that he is responsible for? If makes you wonder if he is capable of doing the things that he is promising.”

Also largely bullshit. He’s not responsible just for the buildings, but public property period, but the question that needs to be asked here is how much of the day to day stuff like this is his responsibility? Is Cook responsible for making sure that the parks get mowed? And if you’re going to go to such lengths to hold him accountable, does that mean that every time that there’s a problem with some other department, are we supposed to crucify the appropriate Councilperson? By this logic, shouldn’t we also be calling Council President Earley to account since Public Works hasn’t finished all of the crosswalks that they were supposed to do weeks ago? Should we be all over Councilwoman Torres (who’s responsible for Public Safety) regarding all of the gun violence that we’ve seen in town, or the fact that there are clearly 15 year-olds running around town carrying guns? Furthermore, and he’s the real meat and potatoes here, folks, go back and watch the videos of the meetings.

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Jeff Goodwin has brought concerns before Mayor and Council for the last few months (one of which being this issue with the gutters), and very little has been done to address those concerns. It is hypocritical to call Cook out for things of this nature, and not turn it around on the rest of Council, who are failing to address more serious concerns like public safety.

“Under Cook NOTHING will get done.
He has demonstrated what he can’t and won’t do for our town.
Going around making up lies and trying to scare and intimidate residents.”

This one is actually at least a little true. As most remember, that propaganda that went around back in February was distributed by Cook and some of his supporters. That said, the part of this little piece that gets my dander up is the last five words: “to scare and intimidate residents.” This seems an awful lot like what the Mayor did during the last Council meeting, insisting that there be additional police presence, as well as having hushed discussions with the solicitor regarding removing people from the meeting. There are now rumors floating around that County police will be called in on Election day, and make no mistake, this is *not* for anyone’s safety, just like it wasn’t at the Council meeting.

“We know that he will do and say anything to mislead the people of Woodlynne.”
Really? He will do and say anything to mislead the people? And you know that? Prove it.

“He tried to do this in Camden and as a result he lost 5 times.”
Context implies that this means that Cook lost in Camden 5 times because “he will do and say anything to mislead…”. There’s a difference between losing support (or not gaining it) for being dishonest. Someone losing an election does not mean that they were dishonest, nor does it mean that someone winning is honest.

“Woodlynne residents are too smart for his lies and deceit.
He has a small group of followers whose interest is to destroy the Democratic Party.”
Wait, what? Are you serious? This would be like me distributing documents saying that “Mayor Fuentes has a group of followers whose interest is to kick every puppy that they can find.” It’s a ridiculous statement, and should be ignored as such.

“When Council voted not to increase taxes in 2018 and 2019, Cook voted to increase your taxes? Cook has nothing vested in our town when he voted to raise taxes that would take away from your hard-earned money. He has no problem raising your taxes, while he sits at home waiting for his food stamps and government assistance check. How can Cook take care of the people of Woodlynne when he can’t take care of himself.”

WOW. It’s like the Mayor was trying to find the most offensive way to be wrong. First of all, not voting for your budget does not mean that he voted to raise taxes. He has gone on the record stating that he voted “No” to the budget because he wasn’t clear on where everything was, and that it was all accounted for. This is *NOT* the same thing as voting to raise taxes, and to say that it is is misleading the residents. Further, claiming that someone doesn’t have a vested interest in the town that they live in because they rent is also stupid. While the landlords are the ones actually signing the checks, tenants essentially pay the costs of property taxes through rent. The State of New Jersey saw it that way, too, for a while. Who else remembers the rebates that renters used to get because part of their rent goes to pay for property taxes? Also, making such statements about *anyone* requiring help is a prime example of the kind of behavior that the people do *NOT* want to see in office.

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