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PHOTOS: Nigerian Police Sets Houses on Fire in Abia State


The incident occurred on Tuesday October 1, in Ndiegoro community of Abia State as some policemen went on a rampage, allegedly setting people’s houses on fire.

Prior to the incident that occurred previous days in Aba around Obohia Aba State as earlier between Police men and unknown youths which led to the death of a police man, Civilians and one vehicle set ablaze.

Nigeria Police in retaliation of their dead came back today in full squad looting, setting people’s House ablaze for nothing, information gathered has it that more than 10 Houses has been set ablaze today 1st October 2019, as we type people are packing out now around these areas in order to secure their lives.

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According to Umuchukwu Writers, Police are still arresting people around the area aforementioned.

Recall that Nigeria Police men involved in illegal arrest, intimidation and looting around Obohia in Aba Abia State, which prompted unknown boys to summon courage to confront them against these illegality around these axis which resulted to the death of one Police man, Police spy and his commercial mini Bus set ablaze by these unknown youths.

See photos and a video Below:


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