PHOTOS: The boy I picked from the street 18 years Ago is Now a Medical Doctor – Lady Testifies

A Nigerian Based American Lady, Melissa, shares a Touching story of a Nigerian boy “Anejado Paul” who she picked on the street 18 years Ago (abandoned with a disease) she took care of him, treated, trained him in school, now he is a medical Doctor.

Read Her testimony Below;

Guys! I am so excited!!!!! This last week my “adopted” brother became Dr Paul.

Our family first met Anejodo Paul in a small remote village in central Nigeria about 18 1/2 years ago.

I remember my heart breaking when I saw this kid under a tree swatting flies away from the raw and open tissue on his leg that had been caused by a flesh eating bacteria.

Many months later, through the kindness of a donor in the U.S., he was brought to the SDA Hospital in Ile-Ife for treatment of his buruli ulcer related disease and complications.

Over a year later, he came home to live with our family so that, at 13 years of age, he could start school. Did I mention he was 13 and starting first grade????

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And this week, he got the news that he has passed his final medical school exams.

Thanks to MANY miracles from God, the medical care provided by doctors at the SDA Hospital in Ile-Ife, Nigeria, the support of many who contributed to cover his school fees, and other needs through the years, his own persistence in spite of MANY obstacles, he is now Dr. Paul!!!

We are all so proud of you, Paul! And I can’t wait to see where God continues to take you on this crazy journey he has had you on.



    • God blesses you and your selfless work! There is no need to post young paul's picture showing ulcerated skin. it will have a blow on his self esteem and confidence. If you can take the old picture the better it will be Thank you.

  • God will continue to bless you and your family. Our leaders and politicians should emulate this. If this lady had not come to the rescue of this boy only God knows what would become of his life. Your labour of love would not go unrewarded. God Bless you.

    • God bless you and your family,,,and i hope He will use that to spread the love of God towards others kids.may he never forget what God has done to his life

  • God bless this woman. Thumbs up to Dr Paul. He’ll continue to rise and shine to God’s glory.
    How can this article be shared so others can learn from this?

    • Ma am, you have sown in the fertile soils of God and humanity, you shall reap abundantly the fruits of your kind deeds.

    • God bless you madam. You saved a soul from potential death. I believe your unselfish kindness has produced a soul God will use in future to bring healing to many souls. I say again God bless you.

  • God bless and strengthen you always. We are so guilty of seeing our own brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers suffer on the street and ignore…so quick to judge and cast away. God help me to be a better version of myself and be a pillar of help to all who truly need it.

  • This is how God does his miracles, not the abracadabra stuff many Nigerian and African doctors perform. One will see a gradual progress in his case. Not sudden and unbelievable healing that won’t last.

  • It takes a real person with a Heart of Christ to do what you did. Remember that whatsoever you sow, you will surely reap. God is going to reward you greatly.

  • May God the provider of Goodness be praised and may you and your family be blessed. Congratulations, Dr. Paul!

    • This is humanity showing compassion and love and totally dedication to bring him to this level he is today. Hope we can all be the Humanitarian in our life time. No child should be left behind!

  • This God we are serving!!. So merciful, so gracious, so loving & compassionate. To Him be all glory. Thank you madam & all who took part in making the boy a medical doctor.

  • CONGRATULATIONS madam for the show of love . Since you have watered, may genetations after you be watered. May you never lack a thing. Dr. Paul congratulations!!!!! Good luck in your endeavours

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