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PHOTOS: The ongoing construction of the Second Niger Bridge in Onitsha




It may come slowly but gradually, we seem to be having a road map for the actualization of the Second Niger Bridge. With massive construction going on this site virtually all day, the South-Easterners may sigh of relief at last.

we noticed some latest developments and construction, for example, the Sand fill for toll station area is ongoing, also the road yard 2 (West Approach) is getting a massive sand filling, same goes for the Abutment walls Oko-Amakom Bridge (secondary bridge). One of the major highlights of this construction is the casting station for incremental launching (West Approach), this is where all the casting, molding and other incremental works take place.

We also got the aerial view of the pier head working platforms for incremental launching. This is where the bridge will be stationed, the foundation has to be solid in order to keep the bridge standing.
So far, the work is moving at an amazing speed base on the images seen from different angles and also from their engineers on site.

It should be noted that the Second Niger Bridge is a key national infrastructure, with immense socio-economic benefits for the contiguous states and indeed the entire nation.

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Upon completion, the bridge will ease traffic flow, improve road safety, and create greater opportunities for local residents by advancing the commercial viability of the immediate area and regenerating economic life.

The scope of works includes the construction of 1.6 km long bridge, 10.3 km Highway, Owerri interchange and a toll station. The bridge is estimated to be completed in 42 months (3 and half years) and so far, 26 months seem gone.

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Image credit: Julius Berger Nigeria PLC. Source; AuthorReportNG.

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