Home News Police officer caught on Camera Taking Bribe in Lagos (photos)

Police officer caught on Camera Taking Bribe in Lagos (photos)


A police officer has appeared in selection of photographs demanding and collecting bribe from a motorist at Igboelerin along Lasu-Ojo Expressway, Lagos.

An eyewitness sent the photographs to The Punch saying the incident was a usual occurrence on the route.

The source said the police officers usually demand N50 or N100 from commercial bus drivers.

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He said that drivers who delay in cooperating with the officers have their car keys seized, delaying mostly students of Lagos State University (LASU).

Lagos police spokesman, Bala Elkana, has not made an official statement on the incident.

That’s the only thing they know. You can successfully convey firearms and hard drugs without questioning, interrogation or thorough searching.

All you need to do is squeeze N50 into their hands and you’re good to go.

Bribery and extortion” that is what they know how to do best.

The police once planted “igbo” in my guy’s pocket in their attempt to nail and extort him but they weren’t smart because some on lookers saw the act and raised an alarm and immediately the bribe-seeking officers jumped into their Hilux and sped away.

The NPF is a big disgrace. in fact, the are a greater threat to Nigerians than the real criminals

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