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Poor People are Not Crazy – prof Jeyifo


If dem tell you say poor man no get sense

Tell dem say na lie, na yafuyafu lie!

Tell dem say me and all de poor people, we be victims

Dem fit tell you sef say na poor people cause dem own poverty

Again tell dem say na lie, na big lie, God punish dem!

Ask dem whether dem give me work and I refuse to work

Sometime sef, dem dey say poor people no differen’ from rich people

Na dem dey craze, people wey dey say such nonsense!

My frien’, you never see people wey dey fear dem own shadow?

De one wey vex me pass na de lie say gov’ment no like poverty

E no go better for dem wey dey tell such useless tori!

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Who dey for gov’ment, no be all de useless politicians?

Broda, as khaki no be leather, so is poverty not Aro

But if dey like, make dem continue to lie, we know say God dey!

De God wey tell Jesus to forget the rich and walk with poor people

If na craze catch am wen he say so, make dat same craze catch me now!

Biodun Jeyifo

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