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Some Muslims Believes that it is good to be Poor without Fighting Poverty – Mohammed Alsherebi




One of the Advisor to most influential leaders Founder of Centillion, Mohammed Alsherebi has condemned the Idea of some Islamic schools, Muslims, believing that It is acceptable to be Poor without Fighting Poverty.


Some modern Islamic schools think it is acceptable for anyone to be poor without fighting poverty. In the original moderate #IslamOfYear632, the pursuit of wealth/ well-being is a form of worship. Being poor is a sin like to disbelieve in God or to be a violent extremist.. Cont.

The Prophet (salla Allah alayhi wa salam) asked to pray the follwing supplication 11 times every day: I seek refuge in Allah from “Disbelief in God” and from “Poverty”.. Allah in Quran compares business people to people of Jihad fighting for the cause of Allah. (Al-Muzzammil 20)

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Allah in Quran is ordering everyone to pursue wealth/ well-being and to fight poverty (Al-Mulk 15; Al-Jumu’ah 10; Al-Baqarah 198) Umar successor of Prophet and the leader of asceticism said: If I die on my ride while traveling in pursuit of wealth is better than to die on my bed

Without trying? We worship God by working hard in pursuit of wealth/ well-being and in fighting poverty to enrich our planet Earth. Only after trying very hard, if some are still poor, then they will be rewarded for the hard work before rich. #IslamOfYear632 is a religion of work

@dambo_ali REPLIES

Our Muslim leaders do tell us that the poor will be the first people to enter into paradise before the rich. Am asking, if you’ve been told so why will you strive for wealth whilst you’ll die in poverty and have a chance to enter Jannah.

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