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Someone should tell me when Jesus Christ is coming so that i can Repent – Bobrisky


Popular Nigerian cross-dresser Idris Olanrewaju Okuneye known as Bobrisky is asking when Jesus Christ is coming so that he can repent and turn to a man.

He said this on Instagram Because he had that Jesus Christ is coming Soon.

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He Wrote: “I was told Jesus is coming soon….. can someone tell me when so I can quickly remove my wig, eyelashes and nails”

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  1. Not even Jesus knows the time nor the hour that the Father will send him back but, it will be at a blink of the eye and every knee shall bow.

  2. Jesus will come the day you die, not because he loves you not but because you care not and count him slack which he is not , Hebrew 9: 29, first Peter 3:9 and John 14:1-7 are the prove

  3. If you know Jesus is real and He will come, repent now, for all his faith, grace and mercy is now, accept Christ now, and repent of your sins, time wait for no one, neither any know when he will come, alway be prepare waiting for his coming, confess Jesus now and be saved, God blessed you


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