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The Police and Military Knows who killed my uncle – Senator Elisha Abbo




Senator Ishaku Abbo has alleged security forces are aware of the hideouts of bandits that killed his uncle at Muchalla ward in Mubi local government area of Adamawa.

The shooters killed his uncle in the early long periods of Saturday and carried off his progression mother during the attack of the family’s habitation.

The representative, who is experiencing examination over supposed attack of a woman in an Abuja sex toy shop, asserted military and police staff know the criminals’ safehouse, which he guaranteed is two kilometers outside Mubi town.

He asserted the security powers have inquisitively neglected to remove the lawbreakers.

In his statement to journalists in Abuja on Saturday evening, Senator Abbo said that about thirteen gunmen wielding Ak-47 rifles killed his uncle.

“About 13 gunmen armed with AK 47, invaded my family house around 1 am on Saturday and shot my uncle dead.

“They dragged my father and brothers out of their rooms and went after my stepmother when they were told that my biological mother was late.

“They took the poor woman away and left behind, her 11 day-old child; my stepmother is still with the kidnappers now and the kidnappers have called me with a Cameroonian MTN number but they are yet to demand ransom.”

“The Federal Government, the military and the police are not doing enough in the aspect of insecurity in this country.

“The security agencies and the military know the hideouts of the criminals but they will not go after them.

“Of what use is the Army barracks and the Mobile Police base in Mubi when they cannot enter two kilometres into the bush and dislodge the kidnappers?

“The kidnappers are using the ransom they are collecting to fund terrorism in this country, that’s just the truth,” Senator Abbo stated.

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