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Trump is Decisive to protect Americans, we are ready for Iran – US cities




US cities are ramping up security in the wake of an American airstrike that killed Iranian General.

“The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) stands ready to confront and combat any and all threats facing our homeland,” DHS Acting Secretary Chad Wolf said in a statement. “While there are currently no specific, credible threats against our homeland, DHS continues to monitor the situation and work with our Federal, State and local partners to ensure the safety of every American.”

Wolf, who said he “commend[s] the President’s decisive action to protect American lives both abroad and at home,” added that senior DHS leadership met Thursday night and Friday morning “to assess potential new threats” and responses to them.

“The entire Department remains vigilant and stands ready, as always, to defend the Homeland,” Wolf said.

The New York City Police Department — the country’s largest — and Mayor Bill de Blasio said they are on alert for any suspicious activity.

“What we have to assume based on previous knowledge is that the Iranians would have an interest in prominent targets, well-known American locations,” de Blasio said.

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Even so, the head of the NYPD’s intelligence and counter-terrorism unit, John Miller, acknowledged the greater immediate threats were probably to those abroad.

“I think the more likely response in the near term would be overseas where Iran has in place proxies, in places like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and others,” Miller said. “But we can’t rely on that as New York City. We have to protect New York City.”

The Los Angeles Police Department tweeted it was also monitoring the situation closely and would respond as necessary.


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