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Trump’s “middle East peace plan” is satanic, it will Never Bear Fruit – Iranian Leader


The Iranian supreme Leader has said that the Trump’s middle east plan will not bear fruit, stating that the Palestanian nation and all Muslim nations will stand up to them.

Recall that Trump and Israeli Prime minister Benjamin unveiled the Middle east peace plan which proposes a two-state solution in which Israel would freeze settlement construction for a period of four years. Dubbed by Trump as the “deal of the century,” the plan sets a number of benchmarks for Palestinians to reach in order to achieve statehood. READ HERE


“To the dismay of US politicians, the satanic, evil US policy about Palestine — the so-called #DealOfTheCentury— will never bear fruit, by the grace of God.

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“About the Jewishization of #alQuds and saying it should be in the hands of the Jews, they’re talking foolishly & unwisely.

“The issue of #Palestine will never be forgotten. The Palestinian nation and all Muslim nations will definitely stand up to them and not allow the so-called #DealOfCentury to be realized.

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