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US did not kill General Solemani in the battle field, they have Lost their Dignity – Iranian Leader




Iranian Leader, shortly after hi sermon on Friday which thousands of Iranians attended, says that US did not kill General Solemani in the battle field, they have Lost their Dignity.


“The Zionist news empire tried to say the honorable General is a terrorist! The US’s President & Secretary of State repeated this. God did the opposite of what they wanted. Not only in Iran, but in various countries, people saluted this Martyr & burnt the Zionist & US flags.

“The US govt killed Martyr Soleimani, not in the battlefield but thievishly & cowardly. This abased the US. Before that, such assassinations were the Zionist regime’s specialty. Now, US president says he assassinated Soleimani. God smacks some people to make them confess.

“The IRGC’s powerful response in attacking a US military base was a blow to the US govt. It was an effective military strike. More important and greater than a military strike, it was a blow to the dignity and awe of the US as a superpower.

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“For years, the US has been receiving blows from the #Resistance in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon & Afghanistan. But, bombing #alAssadbase was greater than these since it defied the prestige and awe of the US govt. They said they’ll intensify sanctions. This can’t win back their dignity.

“The Quds Force is an entity with lofty, human goals. The Quds Force looks everywhere & at everyone with tolerance. They are combatants without borders who go wherever they are needed to protect the dignity of the oppressed. They make sacrifices to protect sanctities.

“The combatants in the #QudsForce sacrifice their lives to assist the oppressed in the region. They help them to confront terrorism and Arrogance and push away the shadow of war, terror, and destruction from Iran and other countries.

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