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We Rather die or do Referendum than to allow Buhari Run for 3rd Term – Aisha (video)


Aisha yusuf, the convener of Bring back our girls has said that Nigerians will rather die or do Referendum and divide this country, than to allow Buhari Run for 3rd Term.

She started by saying that “There Father, it’s better we scatter this country, is it by for to stay together?”

‘if they want Buhari to Run for 3rd Term, then Let’s do referendum, after referendum we will now decide if we will be together or not, as for me I won’t stay in Nigeria.

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“I don’t mind, i will look for visa and visit them in Daura to see how the next level is going there’

“Buhari Dare Not run for 3rd term, for what?, we die for this Nation. I cannot be slave, I don’t Know about you, They enslaved my parents, they enslaved me, Now they want to enslave my children, Lie! it will not happen, they better squash the idea or we show them how crazy we are.

“we will no longer sit down and keep quiet and allow some chalet-ants from no where to come and destroy this nation with their 3rd term agenda.

“It’s right time we decide and take action, for those of you who are afraid because you don’t want to die, Buhari’s 3rd Term will kill you where you are hiding under your bed. etc…



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