Who Signed the 1914 Nigeria Amalgamation?

Nnamdi Azikiwe was born in 1904 (was 10years old when the 1914 treaty was signed)

⚬Obafemi Awolowo was born in 1909 (was 5years old when the 1914 treaty was signed)

⚬Abubakar Tafawa Balewa was born in 1912 (was 2years old before it was signed)

⚬Ahmadu Bello was born in 1910 (was 4years old before it was signed)

⚬Michael Okpara was born in 1920(the treaty has been signed 6years before he was born)

⚬Who and who signed these papers on 1914 and called it amalgamation of the Northern Region and Southern Region, that we shall live together as one family without War, Marginalization, Conflict of interest and crisis?

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⚬These Nationalists I mentioned above are still sucking breast at the time of this agreement.

⚬You can’t mix Red Oil and Palm kernel Oil together to get a good result. You can’t play Jazz and Etigi or skelewu in the club house at the same time and expect a good dance. Is it that we are learning how to spell Democracy in our country or the teacher does not know how to teach?

⚬Our problems started in 1914 because we don’t know who signed it and their names and their intentions for signing it.

⚬If the so-called imperialists white signed it in the midnight while we were sleeping, the cock has crown, we have brushed our teeth, and taken our bath. Our eyes have opened to look for the amalgamation treaty and do something about it. No Northerner can sleep with his eyes closed in the Southern part of Nigeria and no Southerner can do the same in the North. Inter marriage is a Taboo.

⚬After 100years we are still importing toothpicks, going abroad for medical checkup, our lucrative cash crops has gone to moribund, Education for all by the year 2050, Unemployment is a baptismal name for graduates, a police officer cannot boast of his work because of vestige of his salary, our Obasanjo Space Center and Satellite Office at Abuja can not trace the location of Sambisa Forest.

⚬And I repeat it again, who and who signed this treaty? Please share this post till we get the right answer

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  • Write your comment here…fraudsters signed it . Southerners are mumu to stay in it . where is the much touted wisdom of Yoruba and Igbo and south south and middle belt ? Docile goats .mmee

    • Almagamenting Nigeria between north and south protectriate was the worse thing that has happened in Nigeria because it breds nepotism and ethnic religious intolerance.

  • Write your comment here…the time has come for us all to go to the drawing board and as a matter of urgency cross the t’s and dot the i’s

  • Write your comment here…The colonial masters first conquered us and then forced us into marriage without asking our consent. It has taken us 100 years living together without really knowing or understand ourselves. Much there are advantages in diversity, we can not enjoy the benefits if don’t recognise our differences and sensibilities. It is then we have faith to build a nation.

  • No body sing anything the British at that time almagamated us without our consent for their own selfish interest , the Britain’s uses divide and rule method and Nigerian is a property of Britain’.

  • plsssssssss this is the greatest problems of this so call togetherness. we are different people d earlier we all fight for the truth d better. who sign it really n why are some saying it not negotiable ? is it by force to stay together

  • Well probably, I think it should be the Governor-General then, Sir Frederick Lugard, and other colonialist

  • A million dollar question.We shall be born again when we change our attitude to life.Maybe it’s high time we visited a good library,if we still have any,search for prof Soyinka’s book titled “The man died”.

  • all Nigerian get to decide for this question today,because tomorrow will be too late,for me those that took the decision is no longer in existence, so the children of today will take decision very soon.

  • If u ask me na who I go ask😡😡😡,,,.na amdi oha I go ask abi …mind urself.go ask the northern zombies

  • Write your comment here…they people that sing it the are so great to our country, because they love peace

  • Write your comment here… honestly who sign the treaty. is just a simple question.? then if no answer then let look at the treaty again… there is always subject to amendment in every contract. hi

  • Write your comment here…But you said this one was 10yrs, this one 5yrs and so on at the time…What about their parents? You need to consider that also….

  • Write your comment here…OK ooo,those who commit this crime is also regretting in were ever they are.we just have to renew it quickly and we have elders on ground from all the ethnic groups during the almagamation,let us trace them all.we have history in foreigh nations to trace back.

  • Write your comment here…we cannot afford to stayed tone bulk of problems were all is a captain of a ships. we must Cary everybody along in respect of yr religion. I also want to let everybody known that religion is our greatest problem today in this country.

  • Write your comment here…my main concerns is to write new constitution without space for religion and restructure the country for peace to reign ooo,if not pls. be expecting full blown revolution now

  • On January 1, 1914, Lord Frederick Lugard, the governor of both the Northern Nigeria Protectorate and the Colony and Protectorate of Southern Nigeria, signed a document consolidating the two, thereby creating the Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria. Forty-six years later in 1960, Nigeria became an independent state.

  • Write your comment here…Hmmmmmmmmm. as an individual I don’t know what to say because I am confused.

  • Write your comment here…Even if there was an agreement , by the space of 100yrs ,is it not supposed to be expired so that we can have our freedom.Who & who is benefiting from this evil union if not the parasatic Fulani & the North.

  • Write your comment here… according to historical research, it was the then secretary of state for the colonies, Mr William Harcourt who signed the document of the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern Nigeria.

  • I suggest you carry out your research findings to Ikot Abasi LGA of Akwa Ibom State where the amalgamation treaty was signed.
    That’s one of the histories so many prominent politicians in Nigeria are lacking behind.
    Lord Lugard’s house is here.
    Everything about him are here; including the history.

  • It could be the colonial masters and some of our political chiefs that signed it. This marriage is not in the best interest of all Nigerians, there’s need to review it.

  • This is the best time for everyone of us to come together and say no to this mess which the so called Nigeria calm to be marriage

  • Honestly this question needs an answer, who signed us into this problem should have a rethink, that three cannot be one not possible

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