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Wike should Rebuild the Mosque to Avoid Religious Crisis – Sharia council




The Supreme Council for Shari’ah in Nigeria, on Monday condemned Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State for ordering the demolition of a Jumaat mosque in Port Harcourt.

The council also called on President Muhammadu Buhari to step in “so as to prevent a breakdown of law and order.”

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The Secretary General of the council, Nafiu Baba-Ahmad, said while addressing newsmen in Kaduna that the action was not only “irresponsible,” but also “capable of degenerating into serious security problem in the country,” the News Agency of Nigeria reports.

The Sharia council also lampooned Muslim leaders, including governors and legislators, for their “conspiratorial silence” in the face of great injustice against Muslims.

“While we condemn Wike’s desperate wickedness, we also call on all relevant executive and legislative organs of the Federal Government to nip this unnecessary and unwholesome development before it escalates into an avoidable reciprocation, with obvious unpredictable negative consequences,” the council said.

The council reminded Wike that what makes Nigeria great is its pluralism and diversity, recalling that recent survey on the number of churches in the country revealed that “there are more churches in Kano city alone than in Bayelsa State and that the number of churches in Sokoto outnumber those in Ebonyi State.”

“So, if we adopt similar intolerant and irresponsible action by Governor Wike, only God knows what the negative consequence would be for peace and continued corporate existence of the country.”

It added that “Islam means peace and total submission to the will of Allah, so it is because of that you have in the city of the Caliphate more churches than in the whole Bayelsa state.”

The council stressed that Wike was lying when he claimed that he did not demolish any mosque.

It stressed that the mosque had valid approval of the state government, as such there was no justification for its demolition.

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The council added, “Clearly, he got carried away by the recent declaration of Rivers as a Christian state; therefore, he is trying to show his intolerance of Muslims.”

The Sharia council demanded that “Governor Wike should reverse what he has done and pay compensation for demolishing the mosque and reinstate their title for the land.

“As a responsible political leader, he ought to have taken the interest of the larger population than selfish political interest,” it said.

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Fasasi. Wahab
Fasasi. Wahab

Governorwicked must reverse his irresponsible decision otherwise there will a religious crisis all over the Country. Occurrence of such is that of Osun State where Mosques were demolished without compensation but when a church was demolished the huge compensation even resulted to superiority tursel withing the church authority. So Wicked should correct his misdeed In a giffy

Wilfred C Ukoji.
Wilfred C Ukoji.

It's all politics without bitterness. Democracy strives in the land. GREAT!

Musa haruna musa
Musa haruna musa

The criminal governor should rebuild our mosques back


Why compare with ebonyi and bayelsa state? Small states.
We are aware how impossible it is to secure land for churches in the northern states mentioned.
In solving this issue, we don't have to go by comparison because there won't be any basis for that
Let us not whip up sentiments as this will make the situation dangerous the more.