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Women should stop Feminism, it is destroying our society, destroying marriages – Nigerian Lady


A Nigerian Lady Identified as Omotayo has advised women to stop feminism that it is destroying the society.

Feminism means; the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.


Feminism is destroying our society, Feminism is promoting hate Feminism is causing gender war, Feminism is causing diversity.

“The only thing I’m not in support of is a lady living under same roof with abusive partner, Being a woman alone is a privilege on its own, we really need to stop looking for what isn’t missing and pick ourselves up from where we miss the road If we continue to live like this with all these hate and toxicity, in 10 years time there won’t be any couple we can point a finger to and refer to as husband and wife, my Generation has missed the target, let’s go back to our drawing board and re-strategies please.

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“Feminism is so misinterpreted by society at large. Feminism is equality for women in the economy, political and basic human rights. It’s not about being above ones husband or being above the male species. It shouldn’t clash with our cultural beliefs. It was never meant to.

“Feminism has empowered women without teaching them to be responsible. This created spoiled, entitled women who think they are owed the world for having a vagina. If you don’t teach people about being responsible for themselves or others, you wind up with people abusing power.

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